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Hotel review (Beta)

Author: Bill Harrison

Position: CIO

Date: 2011-03-31

We have just uploaded our own Hotel review system (Beta version) to the My Reservations section This will allow customers to comment on their stay, score the hotel over a number of area's and pass on any travel tips they feel might be helpful to others. In keeping with the My Reservations section this review submission form has been designed to work on any platform, be it, mobile phones, Android tablets or PC's.

A Beta this, a Beta that?

It's currently in Beta because it's new and as yet not fully formed. We have some really interesting ideas about how we can make this information useful to our customers. for the future. So for now we are rolling it out in its limited Beta form while we gauge customer feedback.

Why build our own when we could import from a third party?

We could have taken the easy road with this and simply imported review data from a third party. In fact we have been approached by a number of companies asking us to do just that. The problem is that in the long term we think we can do a better job on this than what has been done so far.

Submitting a review.

Log into the My Reservations system and select the Add your review link. To ensure that all reviews are genuine, you can only submit a review after your stay.

What happens next?

An operator checks that the submission complies with the rules (T&C). If it does then the review is published to the website and an email is sent to you confirming that your review has been published.

Simple as that!!

If you have something to say, send us a message. contact us


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