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"My Reservations" where has it gone?

Author: Bill Harrison

Position: CIO

Date: 2011-02-23

First let me apologise to those of you trying to access My Reservations on our website, we have taken it down for an upgrade which we were hoping to roll out the same day. Clearly this didn't happen as planned and we are now working hard to bring you the update as soon as possible.

So why would we upgrade it? It works doesn't it?

Yes the My Reservations section worked and worked really well. But over the last year we have been monitoring the calls taken by our operators to find out how we can improve the system to give you better access to the information you need.

The list of improvements:

  1. Access reservation details, both past and present.
  2. View and print the hotel voucher.
  3. Send the voucher by email to any email address (Work colleague? Wife? Husband? Friend?).
  4. View and print your invoice.
  5. Send the invoice to any email address (Accounts Dept?, Home? Work?).
  6. Edit the invoice address details.
  7. Cancel your reservation.
  8. PC, iPhone, iPad, Andriod phone and Andriod tablet friendly design.
  9. Faster than ever before.

And in detail

1: Log into My Reservations using your booking email address and any booking reference number to view your reservation plus all other reservations made using that booking email address.

2: As soon as your reservation is completed, we send the hotel voucher to the booking email address. But what if you are away from home or the office? Now you can log in and print off the voucher when ever you like, where ever you are. Do remember to print out your voucher and present it to hotel reception during check in.

3: If you are booking for someone else like a work colleague, or it's a gift for a member of the family, then simply supply the email address and send it directly to them.

4: For all of you accountants out there, you can view and print the invoice.

5: What if you need to claim the reservation as an expense. Now you can email it to your accountant, the accounts dept, or your boss.

6: The ability to edit the address details on the invoice comes in handy and keeps the accountant happy.

7: Cancel your reservation directly from with in our system for that extra security and knowledge that we will process it immediately (subject of course to any booking terms and conditions!!).

8: Designed to work with everything. Mobile phones and Tablet PC's have access to all the same features as desktop PCs and looks great on them too.

9: We have upgraded to the latest MS SQL server technology and re written the interface for speed and simplicity but without sacrificing any of the functionality.

With this update we are setting a new standard in aftercare / service. No other reservation company or hotel booking system currently offers this level of access to your reservation. Clearly they'll need to get a move on to catch up.

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