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For us BAR is not simply the sound that a sheep makes!

Author: Bill Harrison

Position: CIO

Date: 2010-11-01

In hotels, as with every industry, there is an underlying secret language that is used by us "professionals" to keep the unsuspecting public in the dark.........we want none of that at AboutRooms, so here is our easy to use decoder:

BAR (Best Available Rate)

Translation: The most up to the minute published rate for a room on any given night. Often these rates are changed daily and even hourly, so don't be surprised if the rate goes up or down in the few minutes that you are making your mind up. If demand is high and the number of rooms available are getting low, then expect to see the rates go up. Of course this also works in reverse, low demand leads to low prices. So Best Available Rate means exactly what it says, not much of a secret language huh?

Advance Booking Rate or Advance Purchase Rate

Translation: What you need to know to decipher this phrase is that the average lead time for normal on-line sale is probably around 3 days (or it is here anyway). This is not a great way to run a business as you really can't plan anything, with this in mind hotels look for ways to encourage people to book earlier and in return offer a discount for booking an advance. Usually this "advance period" is around 7 to 14 days, but I have seen more. At the end of the day does this save you money? Yes it does.... well mostly.... but it's not guaranteed.

Why's that I hear you ask?

Well it's all to do with that thing I mentioned above, the BAR. Because it is changed on a regular basis depending on demand, it could come down to being lower than the Advanced Booking rate, but I have to say that this is very unusual due to the size of the "advanced" discount you are typically being offered.

WARNING! Advance booking offers usually come with restrictions like.

So make sure that you are certain of your dates before you take advantage of the advance purchase savings.

Other secret codes

Due to growing pressure from the industry "insiders" not to reveal too much secret stuff the following has not been fully translated, however for the sake of completeness I have included it for you to see.

Bla Blok Mewoow

Tree house round block, till ten am was not fender blast whats that peppy not here plug to death. Bisquick soap bottom dweller, foot root. Hope that clears everything up for you all and we look forward to assisting you with your bookings (whether they are BAR or Advance Purchase) soon!!!

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